And this is the kind of title that’s sure to get your attention, right? Well, whether you agree or disagree or are confused by what I mean, it’s made you open this page (or at least read this bit of the post).
Yeah, I really do mean the title. I might sound so pessimistic of people, but isn’t that what we do? I’ll have to give you proof, though, won’t I?
First of all, the obvious ones. Prostitutes, marketeers, employees of all sorts. Of course, I don’t expect any objections from these people. You know what you do. Even if you’ve figured out a way around the phrase “The customer is king.” you still have to please them. You just don’t treat them like royalty.
Now, entertainers. See where I’m going with this? Entertainers of all kinds need to please the audience. They’re selling what they can use to make other people happy, whether if it’s their voice, great dance moves, good looks, musical talents, even making funny faces or making balloon animals. Yes, clowns are also entertainers. Entertainers need fans or an audience, and without either, they’ll sink right down below the poverty line. That’s what all those talent shows are about. Why do you think they use the voting system for? Besides being democratic, they want to make sure that the contestant that wins will sell. And that’s why so many contestants need to change themselves. Vincent van Gogh had to learn how to paint with bright colours because society said that his paintings were too dreary. They call it adapting according to what the audience wants, keeping up with the ever-changing era. I call it sucking up to the demand.
Hmm… who’s next? Oh, yes! Scientists, doctors, reporters, critics, lawyers and the like. People who should be focused on getting all their facts straight, right? Well, as most of us know, some of these people are the most noble among others, but also the most corrupt. You know the theory that the sun’s the center of the universe? Well, the guy who spread it (I forgot his name) was tortured by the church until he finally gave in and told everyone his theory’s wrong. Ha-ha.
Then we have doctors. Well, I can’t argue a lot about these people. Their job’s to make people heal, right? And a lot of debates are still going on about whether or not they should give a patient’s true conditions or not, to maintain their happiness (or what’s left of it) and thus preventing any more harm falling upon them because of their psychological condition. The same goes for fake medicine. I’m not saying they’re giving out the wrong medicine or doing malpractice. I’m talking about fake pills. Some doctors (and some hospitals give permission to) give vitamin pills or empty ones to patients and tell them that they’re proper medicine. This is all done to please the patient, even though that the intention is done to actually make the patient feel better both physically and psychologically.
Lawyers have the same thing going on, just in a different context, that’s all. But they need to obey the demands of their client. They have to represent someone and prove that person innocent while they may have done something that the lawyer personally abhors. Well, yeah, the lawyer gets to decide whether they want to take a case or not, but sometimes if they really need the money then they’ll take it anyway. And corporate lawyers don’t really have a choice, either, I think. Well, I’m not a lawyer so I won’t judge them any further. For now.
Two professions, different lines of works, but both doctors and lawyers sacrifice their integrity. A lawyer may say that he hates murderers but somehow ends up defending one in court, while a doctor who’s given oath to be honest gives those fake pills for his patient. Well, you be the judge.
Finally, people whose works have something to do with mass media. Books, TV, radio stations, etc. This includes reporters, critics and presenters. They’re supposed to give out what? Facts. But reality shows that a good image can be bought, at least on the media. Some reporters are willing to write glistening reviews on anything, or write about the wonderful things that a certain “villain” has done. While some see it as them having a different POV (and sometimes, that truly is the case), they’re actually selling lies. Others will do anything to get extra views on an article they wrote or higher ratings on a show they’re producing, so they spice things up with some borderline material between the truth and lies. Even I’m hoping for extra views right now! Well, in my defense, I’m not perfect. :)  (But then again, who is? Except God, of course.)
There’s still so many examples, but since I’m too lazy to type them all, this much will do.
So, what can we conclude? That we’re all selling something. We’re all corrupted, one way or another. Some forms are legal and some aren’t. That’s the fine line, people.
Yet, I still have some hope for humanity. There’s always a villain and a hero to each tale. We just need to search for the hero here, or at least the silver lining.