I fell in love with him not so long ago
A few years it may have been
Without me even realizing
But only for a year or so
His true colours he’s shown

I fell head over heels for this awesome man
He shows himself as perfection
With attitude and dignity he stands
When he speaks he talks with passion

Swooned by his beauty
Swooned by his ways, so willy
Blinded by how his words waltz
Unable to even consider his faults

I fell in love with how he makes me feel
Moments I spend with him don’t feel real
So beautiful, more than in a dream
Between fabrics of imagination and reality
He really is the seam

I love the way he brings me to life
He touches me to the core
I long for him, I go through each strife
No matter how much I get
I always want more

I love his dissensions
His undisputed charm
He leaves me breathless

His criticism keeps me at wake
What an honest friend he makes
And though harsh words may strike and wound
I love him nonetheless

I fell in love with this man not just a while ago
I know as years go by, I’ll still feel so
The man in my life
One that helps me survive

He calls himself debate


Written November 10th 2013
07.19 - 08.06