So there’s always some sort of “obligatory” wish list you do on social media, right? Here’s a list of my hopes and wishes and prayers for 2014:

  • May the forces of evil, sadness, and bad luck lose their way and are unable to enter your lives.
  • May the hands of cheeky friends not find their way to your meals.
  • Pray for the best in grades and your career (but still work hard, and there IS such a thing as too much optimism, people!).
  • For the “special” people who’ve taken their time to sit in front of their gadget/a piece of paper to write their goals and/or resolution(s) for 2014, PLEASE ACTUALLY DO THEM!
  • I hope people will stop wishing 2014 to be a good and nice year. Any time period (or time, period) has no capability to develop an interest in you being happy.
  • I pray for all good things to stay in memory, and all bad things that I can’t pass to just pass and leave the lessons they have to teach me.
  • Debate-wise, I hope I’ll get all the opportunities I can this year. :)
  • I want to be able to keep doing the things I love. Among them are debating and eating without giving a damn what my mom thinks.
  • I want to graduate and leave high school with no regrets.
  • I hope I’ll be more knowledgeable about things in general. I’ll have to do my share of reading, of course.
  • Dear, dear Lord, give me the money I need to continue my pursuit in reading! (BOOKS ARE SO EXPENSIVE AND READING FROM A SCREEN FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME HURT MY EYES!)
  • I don’t care about having to be a better person or something alike. If I become a better person, it won’t be because of a resolution I made for a new year. It’ll be because of something important and dear to me. I’d like to just stay true to me.

There you have it. A somewhat depressing, somewhat hopeful list from me.
Let’s not waste any more time wishing, shall we? Let’s just focus on living out our dreams.

PS: What’s your list? I don’t really care about them or how much you’re actually going to achieve, but I’ll still read them. If nothing else, just out of curiosity.