This post may be updated from time to time without any warning or details within this post itself. Sorry if it’s in bullets and you prefer numbers. Personally I kind of dislike any kind of post that goes something like “100 Things I Like About Comedy”.

  • It’s funny. Of course, that goes unmentioned, but it’s the main essence of comedy, so, yeah.
  • It’s entertaining. Since, you know, it’s funny.
  • It makes you feel better, both physically and mentally. As the saying goes, “Laughter’s the best medicine.” Amen to that.
  • Anything and everything’s legal in comedy. Like, in real life, you don’t get to mock race or religion without getting dissension (in general). But in comedy, you can make fun of everyone and still be loved. Every race and religion and famous person is available.
    Yes, there’ll be protests from “radical” people and stuff like that, but if the comedian’s brave enough, he/she won’t let that get in the way of bringing laughter in as many ways possible. Plus, they do usually make fun of stereotypes, so they’re basically saying what some people think, but say it in a funny way.
  • It’s where cursing becomes funny and enjoyable. You rarely feel a comedian’s said too many curse words.
  • There are so many types! Pantomime like Charlie Chaplin, stand-up like George Carlin, Louis C.K., Eddie Murphy, etc., shows like Rowan Atkinson does (oh, do you know Atkinson did stand-up too? Just search at YouTube for a good time. *winks* ), and so many more.
  • Comedy’s actually kind of philosophical. It depends on who you’re watching, but out of the few comedians I’ve watched, I find myself quoting George Carlin in casual conversation with friends every now and then. I’ve even picked up some of this philosophy.
  • Comedy broadens the mind. You lower your defences because your brain thinks “This is entertainment. Hey, stand down, everyone! Let’s just focus on having a good time!” and then suddenly you get hit with beliefs the comedian might have that you’ve never even thought of in your whole entire life. And you actually get to process it!
    I’m a Christian, and I’ve also heard bad-mouthing about Christians and even Jesus. While I do laugh and feel bad about it later (hey, what’s funny’s funny), I do think about what’s been said, then filter out anything that goes against my own beliefs. I’m glad to say that although I did take a year-long detour, I’m back and my faith’s actually been strengthened.
    Aside that point, sometimes you do get random facts that might actually be useful. Like when they talk about culture, for example. If you’re really into facts, Googling things based on references from comedy can be very enjoyable.
  • Provided you’re an observant person, there’re really so many styles of (stand-up) comedy. Some people elicit laughter from their fast-paced speeches, others from looking (no bad-mouthing intended) dumb, others still from animated facial expression.