I agree with most of this. :)

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As a sort of preface, I’m a single and, once upon a time, teenaged mother (back when I could run without crying and study all night without wanting to throw myself into oncoming traffic the next morning). My experiences may not be your experiences and vice versa. I’ve written this based off eight years of parenthood, through a divorce and several failed relationships as well as an assortment of jobs, homes and financial struggles. None of that means that I know what I’m talking about, but the points below are my parental conclusions thus far.

1. Have sex, don’t have sex, your virginity doesn’t define you.

There are, obviously, consequences to having sex. Ranging from pregnancy to STDs, who you chose to sleep with can alter the course of your life and should be something everyone does with intelligence, thought, and personal meaning. I do not want my daughter, however…

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