There’s happiness, there’s bliss, there’s peace
Heaven has all three
And you’re a piece of Heaven for me

There’s something about you I find so comforting
In all the little things you’re doing
The way you make my day
The way you send loneliness away

The little gestures you make
Like greeting me with no shame
Waving while shouting my name
I’m so glad I get to call you my friend

It’s nice to be acknowledged
I admit I like the feeling
When I know you pay attention
I could just feel myself smiling

Comfort, conversation, and company
These things are important to me
With you, I find all three

And that, my mate
Is why you’re important to me

Sunday, January 12th 2014
First poem of the year

I feel good ;D

Actually, I’m not happy about one particular person or thing, much less in love. It’s just a series of little things that are plummeting my hype level, I guess. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m now writing a short story in Bahasa (I may or may not post it later) which is actually dominated by what fanfic addicts would call “mild fluff”.

I don’t care if it’s my hormones, my psychological state, my mental health… I LOVE BEING IN LOVE!

However, it does bug me when things happen that are supposed to make me sad, and yet I react in an either happy or nonchalant way. It gives off the wrong impression. *sighs*