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You just blocked him on Facebook.

That is a mortal sin. You look bitter and desperate. That will just feed his ego, your sensible and logical friends would say.

But yes, if that is bitter, then that is how bitter feels.

That bitter feeling is good. It wakes you up from the melancholy of solitude, self-pity, and desperation. It reminds you that no, what he did is not right. That no amount of kindness and happy memory you two made would make up for the hurt and insult you are going through now.

Don’t pretend that you can still care. Because the truth is even if you can, you shouldn’t.

You are hurt, acknowledge that. Be angry. Remember what Optimus Prime said, “Your anger is good.” You might be blaming yourself; trying to figure out what you did and didn’t do to make him stay. Don’t. It was his choice…

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