I am in love with a sun
With all its glory
All the deadly
ultraviolet rays that shine upon me
when noon comes

I am in love with its rays
Not the Lunar Goddess who sinks in piles of praise
The people in awe from its coming,
sighing their goodbyes as she goes
Little knowing

That her soft awaited light be but mirrored rays of my beloved
Her creases only made beautiful because they’re seen
Because her light is not of her own beam

What of the light that gives life?
The golden sheer from which we absorb vitamin D
Shining down upon leaves, preparing for photosynthesis
And upon all other things, which it lets us see

I am in love with my sun
Not the beautiful diamonds we call stars
Children upon it wishing, adults upon it dreaming,
and each one not realising
how stars are

Only while briefly seen become beautiful
Large and may give life but so distant
While the thought of reaching them is so wonderful,
we’d die if we got too close in an instant

Jakarta, January 16th 2014

Note: This is actually half-finished. I may decide to continue it. Or not.