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1. You have a love/hate relationship with the concept of an eBook. On the one hand, how dare you remove that most visceral of pleasures, the turning of pages, the smell of books, the way they greet you so happily when you come home and see your bookshelf…

2. But then you try to take five really heavy books with you on vacation and you’re like, okay, I get it.

3. Any bag you buy has one major rule: will it fit your wallet, your phone, your keys, a pair of sunglasses, and a book? Clutches need not apply.

4. You welcome the idea of someone giving you a book for the holidays, even though it is the kind of present that may have once made the 5 year-old you shudder with disappointment. You didn’t know any better as a child. You have since repented. (Read: books cost how much?!)

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