Once upon a time, I lived
without a care of what society wants.
Once upon a now I’ve seen
how people could be so mean,
how they love to daunt.

Once long ago I smiled to see faces
of loved ones and those I haven’t seen in ages.
Not so long ago I’ve started smiling at things
pieces of surreal reality that hold no meaning.

There was a time when I was afraid and loss,
their clutches so terrifying,
I endured, my goals I sought.
Now is a time when I’m not so afraid
to let go and give up the battles, half-fought.
“Maybe it’s for the best,” an excuse I believe as a thought.

There are memories of me.
Reminders of what could’ve been.
Projections of what should’ve been.

There was everything in store for me.
Now the bag of options is close to empty.

Once upon a time, I was a child in childhood.
Once upon a now, I’m a teenager drawing near adulthood.

Once upon a time, I could just be me.

In a time in the future, all that would be none than a memory.