I watch you in quiet
as the whole room went silent,
with determined eyes
pronouncing each word, each cry

“Here’s the thing,” you’d say
over and over again throughout the day
I tried to keep count
but to no avail
but it’s okay

Here’s the thing I’d like to say
I’ve fallen for you,
but not in a romantic way

You see, I’m attracted to passion
People who do what they love
pursue their dreams
right to the limits of their imagination

I can’t stand
looking at a world without fervour
Thus I look for persons with ardour
like poets and writers and singers and you
Yes, I see fire in you too

It’s lovely to say the least
to see people unleash
their inner beast

To rule over and take lead
as they exercise their inner steed
trotting through the pain until they’re fine
and I’ll be watching at the sidelines
proud to call them friends of mine

I’d like to be that kind of person too
to be covered with zeal like a flame
bring life like how morning brings dew

To have, in my life, an aim