I’ve walked these paths with you.
Once, long ago.
We thought we’d walk these streets again.
At least, thought so.

Some things haven’t changed;
the busy people,
the tourists, gleeful.
But I’ve changed,
and so have you.

You weren’t here with your smile
or your bitchy attitude.
I admit, I miss your sarcasm
also talking with you for interludes
of time.

Of time
they say
change will take place
within it and space.

I saw it coming,
I saw this coming
—I saw you weren’t coming.

Is it so hard to relive memories
that you choose to let them sink in your own abyss?
Is it so difficult to face those you once knew
or have you chosen to throw us away too?

I know you.
I know your type.

You’re the type who buries
the past in treasuries
and keep them in a safe
so they’ll be safe
but never opened again.

You’re the type who’d rather move on
and wouldn’t like to linger on
to things that you think would hold you back,
from things that would set you off track.

It’s time, I guess, to let go
of all the good things we used to know
and share together
and laugh at together.

I always knew
it could never last forever.