Tell tales of tortuous travels, trivial trifles, teeny tiny things and thoughts tailored through clenched teeth. Share your soul and spirit by stories, sending silent shivers down sound-sleeping spines. Make morose, melancholic melodies of memoars from malicious memories that meditate in mind-meddling mazes from life’s mean mediocrity. Tell me a story.

Wake wonders wandering within, wane wobbly weaknesses and wield what words would wow. Emit epicness, let your epiphanies be epitomes to show errs eradicated by experience, educate on the energy of empathy. Tell me your story.

Give glorious, grand gems to gladly glaze and gush over gregariously. Revive riveting random happenings, rhymed into reasonable, rational ramblings. Tell me a tale.

Make me laugh until I fall of my chair but don’t care because your story’s just so funny. Make me moan and hum to the touch of your sweet, dripping poetry. Tell me your tale.

Who you left and where you went. What you lost and gained and have yet to get. It’s always pleasing to hear people spilling words from the heart.

So tell me a story. Tell me a tale.
Tell me of you.