I’m blue—a blue who’s still green when it comes to red. But you gave colour to get rid of my black. So many colours I can only see white.

And for that, I love you with a thousand ways. A thousand ways, all mine.

I’ll love you like a breeze that relieves you of life’s scorch. That way, the rays will still be able to give your bones the vitamins to grow strong, but you’ll be cool enough to keep walking along.

I’ll love you like how the stars twinkle through the atmosphere. They don’t dull their shine because we can’t always see it. They even assigned the sun so we know they’re there. Like how I’ll be there.

I’m here now, can you see me? Maybe not physically. And I know your cries won’t always get to me. But you’re here. In my thoughts, in my days, in my daydreams, in my dreams. You’d think one could get too much of someone. I need my space, but I want you to be near. Just a hand’s grasp away, do you hear?

I’ll love you like a first day’s whisper into your ear. Slowly drawing you from your dreams into a reality—your reality—that’s so beautiful no one could ever say you’ve imagined it, because it’s ineffable.

I’ll love you like how one wakes up naturally. Refreshed, rested, ready. To face life with all strife knowing there’s someone who supports and purports all the little mistakes just to make him better prepared for the day that’ll come next.

I’ll love you like a secret. You’ll be safe with me. Your name won’t be a careless whisper. I’ll say it like a sacred mantra—with care and pride.

Who else is able to love you like a puppy? Who looks at you with passion and emotion every single time your face I see? It may be love or hate or pain or joy—passion and emotion, like I said. But never will my eyes that face you be dead ‘til I’m dead.

I loved you long ago. I loved you still. I always will. People say love doesn’t always last an eternity, and I honestly agree. It just depends on what kind of love I have for you right now. But sometimes we’re expected to fall out of love. But how do I un-love you? Is that even something I’m able to do?

I’ll love you with the thousand words I’ve said, the thousands left unsaid, and the millions left unmade.

I can love you like all these things. A thousand ways to love to make life like a dream.

I can love you in a thousand ways, all mine. But no way is the right way to love you.

You’re not even mine.