I like your voice. How it’s tinted
with a weird and funny accent.
The fact that it’s loud but soothing to the ear,
how the last syllable slightly resonates
and dissipates
and leaves me in serene silence.

I like how your hair is textured
yet soft to the touch when I pat.
Oh, and bouncy.
You shouldn’t wear any hair product,
I don’t like that.

I like how your eyes are readable,
every movement of the lids visible.
Even when you’re reprimanding,
behind your sharp words, there’s understanding.

I like your optimism, it can light the room.
How you can dismiss petty things so soon,
be annoyed in the morning and laughing again by noon.

I like how in me you confide,
how you make me feel comfortable by your side.

I just like you, you know?


Note to self: Never, EVER read too much romance when in an unstable state of emotion.