O, despair
A feeling to which none compares
Abode in me, oh, sadness enveloping sanctity
Let not blithe uncover my black veil
Before you consume me as life’s wish
Before I turn to my God
Before you leave me bare

Gift perceived only
By those tired and weary
Ones who know how to say no
To only merry
Who choose not only to live to the fullest
But to live fully
And to go there, walk through
Gates of despair

Make silence—hush!
Let it ring in your ear
Scream only to those who won’t hear
Who don’t care of how you feel
Sink to the lowest where will is tested
But—shush! and listen

Let the helplessness release
You, so you may see what it truly is
—salvation in the abyss
Surrender in the most numbing form
Or with most feels
But you can’t sense your own body and
Where the pain is coming from

O, holy heart, I thank thee
For thy carry on despite what goes on
I beseech you take a rest
That’s what I think you need
That’s what I know I seek
I say: “Rest!” for that may be best

O, despair
The feeling to which none compares
Come upon me, pass with thine full force
Sink me in sorrow and remorse
When all is again well, then we shall see
We shall know how this soul fares