Been a while since I last posted. Ah, I’m not getting that lazy. It’s just that I haven’t gotten any ripe ideas to really write down. Well, enough excuses.

So this one’s based on a friend’s state of… what should I call it? Heart? Relationship? Perhaps the latter. I do hope things turn out okay-ish for her. Or at least so she’ll get a reality slap (yeah, a reality check won’t cut it) before things go too far and long.

In any case, enjoy! And like or share or whatever it is you readers do here. *goes in search of snacks*


Never has there been more life and death
Drawn in a single breath
To be compared
In four letters—a word
We know it as “hope”

How it seeps through our veins
Our bloodstream
(The symbol of life for some, it seems)
And blur the seams

What could, should, would
Do or not or may
Hope says
“Fuck it all, follow your heart.
Don’t mind the pain, ever stinging like darts.”

So the heart lives
It is relieved
And all the while, preparing
The mind is packing

You must see the tug
Of war that bugs
Both—one must leave
Unless hope be there but not all
And all three concede

And how elementary
That the most ideal of three
Is the hardest to reach
To achieve