I’m the one sought at the end of the day
I’m the one present
At times of unwinding and play

I’m the one that makes you laugh
I’m the one that gives you release
After a build-up of the whole joke
I’m the one who puts your stress at ease

I’m the sizzle to comics,
Making all jokes atomic
As comforting as food
Lifter of awkwardness that broods

I make you feel a pleasant tingle
Laugh until your stomach jingles
Your pearly whites show
And I know
I’ve done my job yet again

You see, my dear?
I’m the punchline

You see me warm and inviting
You see me making you smiling
I’m your runaway
I’m your getaway

But in the end,
You go back home
You never stay

Do you see why I fear?
I’m the punchline

I’m nothing but a mere tool
To make people love a little fool
But they never love me
And as soon as laughs cease
I find myself even less than a memory

You know my importance
But I get less attention than orphans
You hear me and repeat me like a chime
Then brush me off in a short time
Like an out-of-place twine

Then you look for another piece of me
To hear so lovingly
For the next ten seconds
Before you beckon
For another new me yet again

But that’s okay
That’s the fate of a punchline

At least I still make you happy,
Don’t I?