I made this, like, forty minutes ago. A friend chatted in a favor for his task. Well, it being to rhyme, why not? Plus, I’ll get a book out of this, albeit second-hand. Definitely a bargain. Muahaha!

Why trouble yourself when we see you dear? Why bring the brink of death so near? You’ve stumbled and tumbled and grumbled and fumbled through life, thinking all that there is is strife.

Kids called you names so obscene, and none intervened. But does that mean love is never to be seen?

You’ve gambled and scrambled to pay your dues. Left with nothing. You felt yourself screwed. But has it wounded your soul so? Is there nowhere and no one to go?

You think life lonely and hate it, but in death there’s only solitude. In life, find grace, but in death there’s no gratitude.

Think of me, think of we, think of us. Think of friends and family whom you trust. Are we not enough? Are we less worth than work? Aren’t we part of life’s perks?

Please don’t die. Please don’t bid life goodbye.

I care. We care. Can’t you see?

And to all who hear this—heed. There is always love when you need. All to do ‘tis seek. You’ll yet find life not so dreary, so meek.