I miss feeling my heart beat
Responding every time you’re nearby
And how it reminds me
That I’m still alive

I like the way my head goes quiet
When we just lean against each other in silence
Or have small chats
When I remember the words they give me a fuzzy feeling
Like looking at pictures of cute cats

I remember your skin’s slightly stinging scent
How it pierces through even your cologne
I’m reminded that you’re one of the increasingly few
People who stick to being you

I miss your hand against my head
My head against your lap
I’m ever reminded in your absence
I’ve memorized the ache

I miss feeling your warmth
And my warmth when I’m with you
I don’t think I’ve ever liked better
The number two

I remember feeling alone
Before you came along
Just as I’ve often felt before
But I don’t think I’ve ever recalled by
Being left
Being so forlorn

I like to remember how I felt
“This is nice. I could get used to this.”
I remembered my fears
I remembered that little voice in my ear
“This won’t last, do you hear?”

I’m ever remembering how much you mean to me
And yet, I ever wonder
How could you come into the life of a being
So used to being
And leave me feeling lonely