Who. Are. You?

If you want a short description of me as a person, here’s a little something to read.

I’m a lover, a sucker for words
I’ve been an avid rhymer for bad and worse
Don’t ask me why I do it all the time

I don’t know if ’tis a blessing or a curse
Running on caffeine and things perverse
I observe, but don’t give a wink
Aspiring human who can reason and think

But if you’re looking for a short bio, here’s a longer thing to read:

20 y/o girl in Indonesia, currently studying law in Atma Jaya University in Jakarta. Living a mundane life with (somewhat) beloved parents and a younger sister, that life made mildly interesting with the people who run into me. An ambivert. Not to worry, I’m mostly friendly though quite passive on the internet. Only active on Twitter and Facebook. If you feel like it, come say hi. I don’t bite people, usually. :)

Hobbies: reading, writing (well, duh), parliament debating (though not particularly good at it). I enjoy learning about many things. It’s not the same as studying, though.

What is this blog about?

Oh, lots of mixed things, though I keep more private posts in another blog. This one is more focused on my poetry and thoughts that I don’t mind sharing in public. In my other blog, one or two posts may be private and contain diary-like substances.

You’ll mostly find poetry and prose in here, though earlier posts were more varied.

So, what’s “malarkey”?

Contrary to what people might believe, it’s a legitimate word, people! Just goes to show how fun(ny) language can be. It’s basically “bullshit” but in a less offending way.

I might as well explain the reason behind the name “Midnight Malarkey”. First of all, I’m a big fan of alliteration. Not huge or enormous, just big.

The less crappy reason is because putting aside all the different times my posts come out, most of my ideas come between 10 – 2. That’s my “creative period”. Sometimes when I get lucky enough to sleep before midnight, I wake up at three and just feel the need to scribble ideas or thoughts. Can’t go back to slumber unless I do otherwise. Other times I write full pieces and type them in the morning, thus the incessant randomness of everything in this blog.


No thought is original. What I’ve thought has been thought of before, probably by some random guy/gal I’ve never ever seen before.

All poetry, unless typed so, is original work. All videos and pictures, unless typed so, is copied from somewhere else (I’m too lazy to credit each and every copied thing, sorry. I’m working on it.)

Extra Notes

  • In case you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, the category “curcol” is actually formed from shortening two words, “curhat colongan”, which basically means using an opportunity to talk about your feelings and rant about every stupid thing that’s wrong in the world.
  • “So what’s the difference between “curcol” and “diary/journal”?
    Good question. Basically “curcol” is what I use when the things you might find personal take up just a bit of the whole post, but if it’s the main thing then I’ll use “diary/journal”.
  • It may be the case that I’m using a theme with a small font size. I change themes quite often as I haven’t found the one that’s just right for me. If you ever want to read only the content, zoom in around 250%. The sidebars will be placed at the bottom of the screen.