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Path to You

There’s this path I’d take from my home to yours. It’s a winding road so long I’ll always be exhausted afterwards. So glad that at least you’re in reach, so sad that it’s rare we could meet. But I’ll be happy enough as long as you’ll wait, for I think of you each second—both in dream and in wake.

There’s this secret door I’d sneak through to get to you. Apparently, your parents are too ignorant to lock it after noon. So there I’ll wait, while you wake a flutter inside. It sends chills down my spine and trembles to my thighs.

There’s this look you give to me. I never knew what it could mean. Was it love, hate, or curiosity? But you saw me, and that’s enough. Your eyes are enough to calm me.

There’s this touch you do while grinning. I knew what it could only mean. A secret for others, for us alone it’s seen. I love so much of this of you. I go bonkers after this—your touch is the thing I always miss.

One day, I travelled that road. I snuck through the door and sat like a toad. I was in wait for you to come, but what I found was what would seal my fate.

You came out the door, knelt in front of me. Your parents came too, and I was so weary. I thought I’d be dead, a damsel deemed dirty.

But… no.

They smiled and greeted me “daughter”. They asked if I’d accept their son. I asked with my eyes if this is something you’ve done. You laughed and took my hand. That’s when I knew. They’d let you take my hand. They let me have you.

Now, I go down the winding road each day. I close the door behind my way. I’m never again exhausted by this winding path, it’s true. It leads me to home—to you.


I’m An Anti-Sexist, Liberal Doctoral Student, Wife, And Mother Who Supports The Men’s Rights Movement Over Feminism, Here’s Why

Thought Catalog

I’m a pro-abortion, pro-marriage equality, anti-racism, anti-sexism, small “L” liberal, doctoral student, wife, mother and woman and I support the Men’s Rights Movement. Here’s why…

9164447523_74860e955b_zvia Flickr Commons

Like many, if not most, of my liberal arts educated contemporaries, I spent most of my college years immersed in feminist theories and thoughts, all of which appeared to give me new tools to understand the world I was living in, and suggested concrete ways I might go about changing the parts of the world I didn’t much like. The first inkling that there might be something amiss with my new tools arose when I gave birth to my first child and became a stay-at-home-mother, dependent on my husband for economic security. It wasn’t so much the sneering contempt for my choice that clued me in. I met the ubiquitous “goodness! What do you do all the day?” comments with aplomb, I…

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Our Sexual Assault Problem Is Nuanced, Layered, And Not Easily Solved By A Hashtag

Thought Catalog

Anger. Fear. Misogyny. Abuse. Mental illness. Sexism. Senseless hatred. They’re all words that have been strewn around in the wake of Elliot Rodger’s brutal rampage.

And yet, like most tragedies, we the society and we the second-hand survivors are left wondering how we can keep this from happening again. How we can make things better.

How can it get better? How can we fix this? How can we find ways for men to grow up without shame, without aggression, without pent-up anger? How do we raise men and women to seek help when they need it, to be able to express their feelings and frustrations freely, to go throughout their life without gender normative pressure to be something that perhaps they don’t feel comfortable being? How can we raise children and educate adults on how to allow more freedom and open-mindedness?

This isn’t a crime issue. This isn’t a gender…

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17 Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 3.12.31 PM

1. They don’t respond with a job title when asked “what they do.” Their lives aren’t consumed by work and they aren’t defined by a job or title or position — and that’s exactly what makes it possible for them to actually enjoy those things. They forge their own paths by choosing the ones they enjoy walking down, not just the ones that lead them somewhere else.

2. They keep light roots. They know that wanting to go — from cities, from relationships, from jobs — is enough reason to. They act. They make changes, they do the work. They grow wherever they are, but can move and blossom anywhere. They’re never so attached to anything that their happiness depends on it.

3. They choose where they live based on lifestyle and culture, not on the ability to say they live in one specific city or another. The happiest people live where they feel at home — and…

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Make-up meets Chinese Art

11 Things Only Platonic Best Friends Understand

Thought Catalog

New Girl: The Complete First SeasonNew Girl: The Complete First Season

1. The general public doesn’t believe the type of friendship you have truly exists. They refuse to. You’re like a mythical Pokémon or a bag of decently priced pistachios – something rarely seen – if ever. Folks can’t fathom pure friendship with no extracurricular, ulterior motives, so you’ll hear theories about the secret romantic feelings one of you surely has for the other.

2. Real life isn’t a romantic comedy. There won’t suddenly be a 30-second montage of you two trying various outfits on for each other, giggling, getting stuck in the rain, sharing long-drawn-out eye contact, and kissing in aforementioned downpour with a Cyndi Lauper song playing in the background as you realize that you’re love. None of that happens in thoroughly platonic friendships.

3. Sarcasm and insults aren’t flirtation, but terms of endearment because that’s just how many of us treat our…

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20 Unspoken Food Rules

Thought Catalog

1. Thou shalt judge anyone who doesn’t fold their pizza slices. This is America! Obviously the only exception is if you’re working with some Neapolitan blend or a thin crust, foodie variety that would result in a condition known as pizza crumble.

2. Regardless of what your Mom told you, the taste of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not dependent on the way it’s cut. The diagonal cut business is nonsense. Your parents were lying to you when they said it mattered. I’m sorry I had to tell you that.

3. If I offer you a Shark Bite and you happen to find the Great White shark, do not eat it. Thank me for my kindness and give it back. I can forgive most things, but eating the Great White is not one of them.

4. The cost of the sweet goodness known as Captain Crunch is that…

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13 Things That Happen When You Date An English Major

I love this! I’m not an English major myself, but I know I’m this type of person (more or less).

Thought Catalog


1. Your grammar in text messages WILL be corrected.

2. You’ll discover their “celebrity crush” is Mr. Darcy or Anne Elliot.

3. If you ever move in together, forget about having a place for YOUR books. Their bookshelf is already overflowing with rows of books and then more books jammed horizontally above those.

4. You don’t need to ask them what their favorite smell is. It’s “book.”

5. When you go to see a movie you should at least wiki it so you can be prepared to discuss how the film adaptation compares to the book version.

6. Your conversations will flow seamlessly from Kim Kardashian to Alice Munro.

7. You’ve got a built in editor whenever you have an important paper or work project you need help with.

8. If you’re still in college, you heavily sigh for them when someone asks “what they’re going to do with…

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bullsh*t & thoughts

This 4+1 concept has been living in me, and perhaps in anyone else. I  found it was beautifully written by Matthew  Zachary Liu, a Singaporean producer and presenter. Through his facebook, I found he is still in his 20s, but I got to say this utmost piece does reflect a sense of maturity. And thank you Matt for writing these down in words, things that I could had never explained even to myself before.


The phone rang.

She was sobbing badly on the other end of the line.

“I’m going over,” I told her and hung up before she could protest.

1am. It was going to be a long night ahead..

She was still crying when she opened the door. She looked so broken, so vulnerable. I didn’t have to know what was wrong, I just held her in my arms. She cried even more.

“He broke up with…

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Vicario and Fauzan’s Victory at WUDC, Hard Work That Paid Off

Vicario and Fauzan’s Victory at WUDC, Hard Work That Paid Off.

14 Signs You Are A Grammar Nazi

As poor as my language skills are… I feel this.

Thought Catalog

Thier is nothing that makes me more angrier then people making spelling mistakes and grammar mistake online. I’m sure you all are with me when I say USE SPELL CHECK! Am I right?

1. People mixing these two up fill you with rage.

  1. You’re
  2. Your

They sound similar, yes. You’re correct, but the way they’re used — completely different. Grammar nazis will make sure you understand that you’ve used the wrong “your” when you update your Facebook status: “I just saw you’re grandma at the grocery store and she flirted with me.”

2. Okay, when people mix these up, you feel white-hot rage too.

  1. They’re
  2. Their
  3. There

3. You belittle people when they make simple tense mistakes.

4. Your social media updates are all in proper English, no matter what. Ah, so you really bruised your knee. You must upload a picture on Instagram, but only with correct punctuation…

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I Will Love You Like I Love A Book

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