Midnight Malarkey

a peek inside the poetic freak



Malam berlalu sunyi
Menjahit gelap
Menutup rapat
Satu lagi hari

Dengkur dalam harmoni
Tak beraturan
Layaknya bahasa
Mencoba berkata-kata

“Aku lelah”
“Aku lelap”
“Aku bermimpi”
“Aku mengalami gangguan saluran pernafasan lagi”

Tak ada tanda nyawa
Kecuali dengkur
Dan sebuah sosok terpekur
Tentang angan
Masa depan

Ia ingin bepergian
Ia ingin mengumpulkan pengalaman
Perjalanan yang layak dikenang

Sebuah buku terbuka
Di hadapannya
Tentang dunia
Segala tempat indah dalamnya

Ia ingin bepergian
Menjelajahi permata-permata alam
Mengenal budaya beragam

Tetapi itu harus menunggu
Ada hal-hal lain yang perlu
Ia selesaikan
Ia capai
Terlebih dahulu
Sebelum mengalami semuanya itu

Maka ia menutup buku
Ke dalam selimut
Menyambut lelap

Dan semua kembali
Hanya dengkur dalam harmoni
Dan satu suara baru
“Aku bermimpi”


Days of Future’s Past

So this poem has terrible grammar. I think. Well, bear me this one time. I wasn’t grammatically sane when I wrote this.

In the days of future’s past I’d like to see memories last.
All the joy and sorrow in life I’ve passed.
I want to reach a time when I could look back and smile
at decisions made with regrets being few.
Not zero, of course there’ll be a few,
and from those few I have I’ll learn something new.

In the days of future’s past I’d like to see myself in love.
With what is, what could have been, what could never be.
I’d like to think of myself full of imagination and curiosity
–and of course the important things; honesty, integrity, sincerity.

In the days when I look back I’d like to laugh at myself for being a wack.
Every little mistake, typo–humiliating moments that make me me.
But maybe I’ll cry over some stuff too.
All I’ve never done to be the better me I could’ve become.

In the days of reminiscing I hope there won’t be too much wistful thinking.
Of course I’ll always think “what if” but I wish to be content
of all the things my resources I’ve spent,
also for each individual I would have met.

In the days when I am old I want to have led a life so happy
I could put a smile on the people who see me.
Be of use to my pursues and my community,
maybe–just maybe–be subject of pride to my friends and family.

When those days come I guess we shall see
whether or not I’ll continue poetry, what I grew up to be.
For now, it’s enough to live like this for me.

Things I Wish

I wish to be not vain
Maybe I am
But I can’t help wanting to be better looking sometimes
Even if it’s so people would accept me more for who I am

I wish I had the money to make way to my dreams
Though I know effort makes it all the more precious
but it seems
I not only need strife to make it worth it
I also need to actually achieve it

I wish myself you,
all the things we used to do
You guys were everything
And it’s not that I’m left with nothing,
I just miss you

I wish to be a better me
To look over all the things I see
No more wishing for things to come true
I’ve had enough dreaming, now it’s time to “do”


Cometh thee in the night whilst I slumber
Creep deep into my conscience while I toss and turn and tumble
Dream, dream, cometh to me
Tha’rt what I need in my time of sleep
Thine beauty refreshment from reality

Cradle me with thine branches
Keep weaning me in thine nest
Let me sink deep, deep, in unreal’s enchantments
Let me forget about the rest

The rest, oh! the world is tragedy at its best!
As insufferable fools babble
The barely if any competent humans blither
Whilst we all silently wither
Like a castaway pile of leaves that sign for winter

Thus is the realm of non-fiction
Thus I need you, dream, as an escape
To face the music, ready or not, ’tis fate
But for a while, let me rest in this haven
A place for the weary and worn and tired
Dreams—God’s mercy and grace that unconsciousness creates

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