Waiting to be called
Dreaming it would come
The time I’m admitted
That I’m accepted

To be the one
And only
That would be plenty
And even more so
If I know
That you love me

I know a look speaks
So does a word mean
A billion definitions

How do you expect
Me to know
What to expect
When I don’t know
What you know

Do seek a psychic
If you want me
To really be
As such

Did I not tell you
And compell
For you to notice
All these

Little things
And feelings

Yet you didn’t
You continued the conversation
Leaving this sensation
Of desperation

Then you say you’re occupied
No time for love on your mind
Let matters of the heart
And make room
For more urgent thoughts
To loom

Then you turn yet again
To search for affection
And I listen yet again
To your incessant

For someone to make you feel

Call me dumbfounded
And every other word that could
Be used
To describe you

You say things
That have meaning
Without meaning

You don’t appreciate
How great
People who have integrity
Can live so happily

And I’m left bitter
Fed up, but can never
Be angry
Though weary

Dazed as I am
And numb
And dumb
I do hope you find
Someone to unwind
The suffocating gears
Churning inside

I pray for peace
And release
For me
From you
And all the confusion
You put me through

So I wait to be called
Dreaming of one sure
Of me as the one
To live with
To live through